Library Rules & Regulations

General Library Etiquette:

  •   All members of the Library are requested to produce their I.D., if required.
  •   All members and the Library staff are requested to observe complete silence inside the Library. If conversations become necessary, they should be in low tones only. No music system will be allowed to play inside the Library.
  •   No user shall deface the Library books by underlining, scribbling notes in the margins, etc.
  •   All users are required to protect library books against wanton and willful damage, mutilation, theft and other malpractices.
  •   Readers should leave all books taken out from the shelves on the tables after consultation. They should not attempt to put them back on shelves.
  •   Except for note books and writing materials, no other personal belongings and library books already issued, will not be allowed inside the Library from the point of view of security.
  •   Smoking, chewing betel is not allowed inside the Library.
  •   Readers must present their Reader’s Card or University Card for inspection if requested by a member of the Library staff in the course of their duties.
  •   The use of portable computers is permitted in the Library provided that they are quiet in operation. Users of such equipment may be required to work in specified areas or to stop using a computer if it constitutes a distraction to other readers.
  •   The use of equipment likely to disturb or distract other readers or to damage Library materials (e.g. digital scanners, radios, personal hi-fi equipment, or computers to perform any of the functions of such machines) is not permitted in the Library. Mobile telephones must be set to ‘silent’ mode in the Library.
  •   Overcoats, raincoats, and other kinds of outdoor clothing, umbrellas, bags, cases, cameras, photocopying devices, and similar personal belongings shall be deposited in the security counter near the entrance.
  •   Food and drink shall not be taken into the Library.
  •   Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and surrounding of Library building.
  •   Library staffs are empowered to stop any activity in the Library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of readers or Library staff or to the preservation of the collections.
  •   Users found violating any of the library rules consistently will be reported to the competent authorities for necessary action.
  •   Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the decision of the authorities in Library matters shall be final and binding on all members.

Who can use this library

University Library is open for the following categories of users:

  •    Teaching and technical staff members of Bodoland University.
  •    Non-teaching and non-technical staff members of Bodoland University.
  •    Students of Bodoland University.
    Each and every person who wishes to use the Library must first apply and be admitted as a Member of the Library on the prescribed form available from the Library counter and in website. Library Card shall be issued to the above members free of charge. Library Cards are not transferable. Every person to whom a Card is issued shall sign an undertaking to observe the regulations for the use of the Library. Readers must inform the library of any change to their current address.

In addition to above, the following persons are allowed to use the Library, but may not borrow book.

  •   Any person who is engaged in private study or research, if supported by appropriate evidence of academic standing and fitness for admission.
  •   Teachers/Students/Employees of other universities/institution if supported by appropriate recommendation.
  •   Civil society members.

General Conditions of Loans:

  •    All materials issued on loan will have to be returned or renewed on or before expiry of the due date.
  •   If they are not so returned or renewed, overdue charges as per the schedule, will become payable. Payment of overdue charges cannot be waived except in very exceptional circumstances with the sanction of the competent authority.
  •   The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the registered members only.
  •   Each member will have an Identity Card cum Reader's Ticket according to the category to which he/she belongs to.
  •   The Identity Card cum Reader's Ticket is not transferable.
  •   Student members must come to the library personally and tender his/her Identity Card cum Reader's Ticket at the circulation counter at the time of transaction.
  •   Membership of a student shall remain valid till he/she remains on the role of the University.
  •   The librarian may recall any book from member at any time.

Some important points to be remember

  •   Special Arrangements: If you have any disability which might affect your use of the Library please consult the library staff members.
  •   No Objection Certificate: may be issued to members only on returning all books borrowed and surrendering the readers card/ticket.
  • Payment of overdue charges cannot be waived except in very exceptional circumstances with the sanction of the competent authority.
  •   Gate Pass: A Gate Pass will be issued by the circulation counter for each book issued to a member. The Gate Pass along with the issued book will have to be handed over to the Security Personal on duty for verification. After verifying the particulars, the Security personal will deliver the books to the borrower keeping the Gate Pass for record.
  •   Special Power: The University Librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of a book or recall any book/s from the borrower if it is considered necessary in the interest of the University.

Monday to Saturday
Reference: 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Issue/Return: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

No person shall enter the Library less than fifteen minutes before the time of closing. The opening hours of reading rooms are determined from time to time by the Library authority.
UsersNo. of BooksLoan PeriodOverdue Charges
Teaching & Technical Staff0525
Non-Teaching & Non-Technical Staff0215
PG Students0215Rs. 1/per day
PhD Scholar0325Rs. 2/per day
Library card shall be renewed on expiry of validity period imprinted on them. Books will not be issued on any invalid card.

Loss of Library Card

  1. Loss of card shall be reported to the Library immediately on the prescribed form available in the Library.
  2. Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/- only.
  3. Even if duplicate cards are issued, the members will continue to be responsible for any loss arising from the inadvertent or misuse of lost card and the Library will not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Loss of Books

  1. Loss of books issued, if any, shall be reported to the Library authority immediately in the prescribed form.
  2. b. If the borrower is unable to replace the lost book by another good copy of the same or later editions, recovery of the cost of the book lost will be made on the basis of current price of the book and overdue charges, if any. In addition to that 10% of the price of presently available edition will be levied as penalty. If current price is unknown or the lost book is out-of-print , double of the recorded price will be charged in addition with overdue charges.
Reference books, rare books, unbounded periodicals and any other expensive or otherwise precious materials will not be issued but will be kept apart in the Reserve Section of the Library for on-the-spot use by the members.
Physical Verification: At the time of physical verification of library books which conducted at periodical intervals, all books must be returned to the Library. Fresh loans of books will be allowed only after setting all transactions.